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Map of Trench continent and Dema City.

«Twenty One Pilots lore» - is a large fictional world created by Twenty One Pilots. For most of the duo's career, it has been the central theme of the band's albums and activities. From the album Blurryface to the album Clancy, the band developed the plot and world of their lore. The world contains its characters and their life story that takes place on the fictional continent of Trench, where the main theater of operations was the city of Dema.


The history of the world developed in stages using eras, dividing the development of the world into time periods. Each chapter of the lore is tied to a specific release of the group. Officially there are 4 eras that are part of the lore of the fictional world. This is not to be confused with the eras that mark the stages of development of the real group and have no direct influence on the history of the Lore of the group.

Album Years of era era status
Vessel 2012 - 2014 Vessel era Partly related
Blurryface 2015 - 2017 Blurryface era
Trench 2018 - 2020 Trench era
Scaled and Icy 2021- 2023 SaI era
Clancy 2024 - our time Clancy era

The Vessel album's involvement is partially confirmed, the band themselves have actually acknowledged that their third album is part of Lore, but in fact it is more directly involved in the fictional world and only hints at it in small details. Confirmation that this album is part of the lore is expressed in thematic acts related to their world and parts of the lyrics that touch on the themes of the world of Dema City.

The only albums that are not part of Lore are Twenty One Pilots and Regional at Best. These albums are completely original works and have no official relation to the Lore of Demas. Although there are theories among fans that link the debut album to the band's universe.

Vessel era

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Blurryface era

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Trench era

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Scaled and Icy era

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Clancy era

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