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TwentyOneWiki is an informative unofficial site about the band Twenty One Pilots and the people, places and company associated with the band. All material on this site is posted for informational and entertainment purposes and is free to share this information.

This site is not commercial and is not intended to make money using anyone else's intellectual property in any way. We thoroughly check all information before posting on the site, which takes quite a bit of time. We try to use as many sources and as high quality illustrations as possible that we add.

TwentyOneWiki does not own any artwork or any pictures, and we're not using any for profit, etc. We will remove any photo by request. All materials on the site have been sourced from public access and resources. To contact us, please write to e-mail -

This wiki is written by fans for fans with the goal of being the most credible and detailed source about the band Twenty One Pilots and everyone associated with it on the Internet.

TwentyOneWiki offers no suggestion that the work presented on this web pages is "official" or produced or sanctioned by the band or their label. TwentyOneWiki will take all steps necessary to ensure that any usage of copyrighted items in no way confuses the audience of this site as to its origin. TwentyOneWiki makes no claim to own covers, images, songs and atc. or any of the names related to it. Images that are displayed on this site are copyrighted to Fueled by Ramen and Twenty One Pilots (images, covers, posters and other same things) or to the creator of the image (Photos and poster by fans or other people and companies). Visitors may download any pictures displayed on this site for personal use, as long as they are not used for profit and proper credit is given.

The text of TwentyOneWiki is freely licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license. Reusers of the content must retain it under the same license, ensuring it remains free.