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Fueled by Ramen LLC
Parent companyWarner Music Group
Founded1996; 28 years ago (1996)
Country of originUnited States
LocationNew York City
Official websiteelektra.com/fueledbyramen

For the most part, only four Twenty One Pilots concerts in 2009 are known and have been confirmed based on the band's social media posts on Myspace and Twitter.

In the publicly available resources of the Internet it is possible to trace only the second half of 2009 from June. In Webarchive the earliest saving of Twenty One Pilots page on Myspace is January 6, 2010, although there are screenshots of earlier saves on the Internet, where some information about the reality of the concerts is confirmed. Also on the Twitter page there are an old posts with concert announcements and other information about the band's activity from that period.  

An interview with Chris Salih and Nick Thomas mentions some shows between late 2008 and early 2009 where they performed unknown songs that didn't make it onto the debut album and possibly early versions of Self Tittle songs. In Nick Thomas' interview with The Twenty One Pilots Podcast, he mentions that the band has performed covers of other artists.

From the known part of the tour, not many concerts were played by the band, by how much the band had to book nights for a concert or participate in festivals and music events. According to Nick Thomas' recollection, the band's early gigs lasted no more than 20-30 minutes.

Only one date from an unrecorded period of performances is known, and its authenticity is questionable.