Ned's Cozy Fireplace

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Ned's Cozy Fireplace
Video by Twenty One Pilots
Full titleNed's Cozy Fireplace - 10 Hours of Relaxing Twenty One Pilots Mixes
Released23 November 2023
DirectorMark C. Eshleman
ProducerReel Bear Media
AnimatorsChris Schoenman,
Cassidy Johnson
ComposerRoland Bingaman
Channel twenty one pilots
Link:Ned's Cozy Fireplace

Ned's Cozy Fireplace — A 10-hour video of relaxing Christmas remixes of Twenty One Pilots songs from various albums on the band's official YouTube channel[1].


A 10-hour video of lo-fi Twenty One Pilots remixes, released on November 24, 2023. Directed by Mark Eshleman, produced by Reel Bear Media, with animation by Chris Schoenman and Cassidy Johnson, and remixes written by Roland Bingaman[2][3].

The video itself appears to be a looped animation of Ned sitting next to a burning fireplace and a glass of chlorine on a table. The location is filled with various hints to the band and its fans, including references to the previous albums.

On October 30, 2023, the animation team was assembled and the creation of the video began. The video was directed by Mark C. Eshleman puts it this way:

«A look at my timeline for Ned’s Cozy Fireplace. He was separated from a looping background with his own set of animations that could chain together in any order I wanted. It wasn’t enough to get a great sleeping animation looping, we had to give him life. The amazing team (credits below) was assembled on October 30 and the nine blocks were edited, pre rendered, compressed, and uploaded over three days earlier this week - it was ready for YouTube at 7am the day of its premiere with only three hours to spare. Music was coming in daily and was all mixed and mastered on Monday. I hope Ned kept you company as you chilled, relaxed, studied, etc.[2]»
Mark C. Eshleman from Instagram.


No. Title Length
1. Christmas Saves The Year 3:22
2. Fall Away 3:26
3. Car Radio 3:18
4. Guns For Hands 3:03
5. Trees 3:17
6. Stressed Out 3:31
7. Ride 3:07
8. Tear In My Heart 3:47
9. Lane Boy 3:40
10. Goner 3:10
11. Heathens 3:11
12. Jumpsuit 3:27
13. My Blood 4:05
14. Chlorine 3:23
15. The Hype 4.04
16. Nico And The Niners 3:12
17. Level Of Concern 3:03
18. Shy Away 3:12
19. Saturday 3:05
20. The Outside 3:09
Total length: 1:05:32

Hidden details

Over the course of 10 hours, events or references related to the group's activities take place in the video.

44:00 — An excerpt from the Chlorine Music Video appears on the computer monitor.

Ned wakes up 5:17:00, which compares to the time the Blurryface album was released, May 17. Counting exactly 9 years from the "red" album, the next one is supposed to be released on May 17, 2024, marking the end of Dema's history.

5:31:04 - Christmas Saves the Year video

06:07:08 — An excerpt from the Jumpsuit Music Video appears on the computer monitor.

09:06:00 — An excerpt from the Stressed out Music Video appears on the computer monitor.

9:09:04 - Ride behind the scenes 9:54:32 - Torches

9:54:32 - Torches.

Ned also drank Chlorine out of a glass a couple times.

Secrets, references

Photo Detail
Ned letter

A letter from Ned to Ned can be seen on the wall. The words in the text message have missing words and have errors.

«Ned, saw Clancy and the Torchbearer, just like Keons said, не told me. Hope you're all right.»

The theory that Keons is a traitor works well here.

The canister is from Chlorine official video.
Presumably the colors of the era are orange and purple.
Bear from CSTV.
9 full circles on the chest.
vulture on the mantel.
Ned Funko Pop! figurine.
In 2019, Tyler posted his "body hair update" photo where we got our first glimpse of Ned.
The gas mask worn by the characters «Popularity» and «Success» in the music video and at live performances of the song Lane Boy.
A glass of Chlorine from the music video Chlorine.
Cage from Goner's visualization of the song at the concerts.
Sound speakers that may resemble Thresh's eyes.
Macintosh computer that was used as a promo for Level Of Concern.
The headphones from the music video for Chlorine.
Figurines from the Christmas Saves The Year music video.
Vinyl turntable with Trench era logo.
Part of the submarine from Saturday music video.

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