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Local Shows
A print of a T-shirt sold at concerts in 2009
Tour by Twenty One Pilots
Supporting releaseTwenty One Pilots
Country United States
ContinentsNorth America
Tour leg3
Number of shows6 (confirmed)
10 (unconfirmed)
Late 2008 29 Dec 2009
Twenty One Pilots tour chronology
Local Shows
(2008 — 2009)
TOP Tour
(2010 — 2011)

Local Shows — is a series of early shows from 2008 - 2009 by the band Twenty One Pilots. Most of the known shows of this period are known from the words of old listeners and visitors of their shows, and until now the exact number of shows and dates are unknown, only some shows are confirmed by publications on social networks like Twitter, Myspace and Facebook.


For the most part, only four Twenty One Pilots concerts in 2009 are known and have been confirmed based on the band's social media posts on Myspace[1] and Twitter.

In the publicly available resources of the Internet it is possible to trace only the second half of 2009 from June. In Webarchive the earliest saving of Twenty One Pilots page on Myspace is January 6, 2010[2], although there are screenshots of earlier saves on the Internet[3], where some information about the reality of the concerts is confirmed. Also on the Twitter page there are an old posts with concert announcements and other information about the band's activity from that period.  

An interview with Chris Salih[4] and Nick Thomas[5] mentions some shows between late 2008 and early 2009 where they performed unknown songs that didn't make it onto the debut album and possibly early versions of Self Tittle songs. In Nick Thomas' interview with The Twenty One Pilots Podcast, he mentions that the band has performed covers of other artists[6].

From the known part of the tour, not many concerts were played by the band, by how much the band had to book nights for a concert or participate in festivals and music events. According to Nick Thomas' recollection, the band's early gigs lasted no more than 20-30 minutes.

Only one date[7] from an unrecorded period of performances is known, and its authenticity is questionable.  

Tour Dates

Local Shows in 2009

Date Location City Country Type
06.08.2009 Coffey Road Park Columbus, OH United States Headline show
08.08.2009 Chipotle ????, OH United States Festival
10.03.2009 The Lot Grove City, OH United States Charity show
10.11.2009 The Alrosa Villa Columbus, OH United States Battle of the Bands
11.14.2009 Olentangy Orange High School Columbus, OH United States Headline show
12.29.2009 The Basement Columbus, OH United States Headline show

Unknow concert

Date Location City Country Type
10.??.2008 Unknown Venue Columbus, OH United States Unknown type
??.??.2008 The Attic Kettering, OH United States Festyval
??.??.2009 Kidd Coffee Middletown, OH United States Headline show
05.??.2009 The Outpost Kent, OH United States Opening show
??.??.2009 Skully's Music Diner Columbus, OH United States Headline show


Only known the full setlist of Battle of the Bands and one incomplete setlist from 14 November 2009.



There is only a full recording of the band's performance at Battle of the Bands on the internet and a photo from an unknown performance expected in October 2008 or early 2009.


The Alrosa Villa, Columbus, OH,

United States

October 2008Photo of unknown performance around October 2008 taken from Level of Concern/USB A photo of an unknown performance by the band or Tyler from 2008 January 2010 student newspaper describing the band and their shows

Band with friends

Other (posters, tickets, etc.)

There wasn't that much merch at the band's 2009 shows. At the early shows (roughly from May-June) the band distributed and sold CDs of their debut self-released EP Jonnhy Boy.

In early September, Twenty One Pilots announced on Twitter that they had ordered a batch of merch, mostly T-shirts with the band's name and logo. At the end of the year, at a concert in the Basement, the band sold CDs of the album of the same name along with the T-shirts.


There is only a full recording of the band's performance at Battle of the Bands on the internet and a photo from an unknown performance expected in October 2008 or early 2009.

The original song excerpts from

the JacobRobAJ channel

The video was found on Facebook[8]


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