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This is a wiki about the American band Twenty One Pilots, written by fans for fans.

The project is not commercial, and is created only for entertainment and distribution of the band's content.

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We are committed to building a detailed database on the American band Twenty One Pilots. We want to disseminate the correct information and provide accurate answers to any questions listeners may have about the band.

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24 May 2024:
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Today is Clancy era! (5 months and 6 days)
Twenty One Pilots - Clancy Music Videos Premiere Livestream (05.23.2024)
The Craving (single version)
New single, song and
music video on YouTube channel.
Backslide (04.25.2024)
New single, song and
music video on YouTube channel.
Next Semester (03.27.2024)
New single, song and
music video on YouTube channel.
Overcompensate (02.22.2024)
New single, song and
music video on YouTube channel.
I Am Clancy (02.22.2024)
New video on YouTube channel.
New Era's logo (02.17.2024)
Clancy era (02.15.2024)
Ned's Cozy Fireplace (11.23.2023)
A 10-hour video on
the band's official YouTube channel

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6 May 2011 — The concert took place outside in a small pavilion in the late afternoon. The band started their performance at 11:30 and played the song Time to Say Goodbye after which people complained about a lot of noise and the police stopped the concert. Tyler was concerned because of the possibility of a negative citizenship rank.
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TwentyOneWiki is an informative unofficial site about the band Twenty One Pilots and the people, places and company associated with the band. All material on this site is posted for informational and entertainment purposes and is free to share this information.

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Twenty One Pilots
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