Air Catcher

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Air Catcher
Song by Twenty One Pilots from the album Twenty One Pilots
Recorded2008 — 2009
ReleasedDecember 29, 2009
Time signature4/4
KeyE major
Live debut19 February 2010 frist known time (unconfirmed)
Last played1 May 2010 (only known time)
Live count1-3
WriterTyler Joseph
ProducerTyler Joseph, Chris Salih
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Trapdoor is the 9th song on the album Twenty One Pilots by Twenty One Pilots.


Title Releas Length Recorded Released Notes
Air Catcher Twenty One Pilots 4:33 June - November 2009 29 Dec 2009
Air Catcher (Demo) Johnny Boy 4:33 February - April 2009 4 May 2009 In 2017 a video from the hacked Twenty One Pilots album was posted where a demo version of the song was found[1], and already on January 16, 2024 it was confirmed through a found video from November 15, 2009 on YouTube in which there was also a demo version.[2]
Air Catcher (Studio version) Air Catcher 4:33 2011 2011
  • Online uploads of the "Studio Version" [3]are usually given de facto titles like "Alternate Version" or "Alternative Version"; however, the file name titles it as "Air Catcher (Studio Version)".
  • The studio version was recorded after Twenty One Pilots and before Regional at Best.
  • It has also been erroneously stated that the track was never released by the band; however, in 2011, Twenty One Pilots uploaded "Air Catcher (Studio Version)" to their website for free download, amongst other tracks.[4]



Album version
[Verse 1]

I don't fall slow like I used to, I fall straight down

You've stolen my air catcher that kept me safe and sound

My parachutes would guide me safely to ground

But now my chord's not workin' and I see you staring me down


I won't fall in love with fallin'

I will try to avoid those eyes, oh

[Verse 2]

I think you would beat the moon in a pretty contest

And the moon just happened to be the very first thing that I missed

I was doing fine on my own and there wasn't much I lacked

But you've stolen my air catcher and I don't know if I want it back


I won't fall in love with fallin'

I will try to avoid those eyes

'Cause I'm not sure I want to give you

Tools that can destroy my heart


And I just don't say what you wanna hear

So I'll write my fears

And I don't believe in talkin' just to breathe

In fallin' selfishly


I won't fall in love with fallin'

I will try to avoid those eyes

But now I'm here to give you words as

Tools that can destroy my heart



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