Taxi Cab

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Taxi Cab
Song by Twenty One Pilots from the album Twenty One Pilots
Recorded2008 — 2009
ReleasedDecember 29, 2009
Time signature4/4
KeyA major
Live debut26 April 2013
Last played2 February 2019
Live count37
WriterTyler Joseph
ProducerTyler Joseph, Chris Salih
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Taxi Cab is the 12th song on the album Twenty One Pilots by Twenty One Pilots.


Title Releas Length Recorded Released Notes
Taxi Cab Twenty One Pilots 4:45 2009 29 Dec 2009
Taxi Cab Johnny Boy 4:45 February - April 2009 4 May 2009 The availability of the song on the EP varies from source to source.



Album version
[Verse 1]

I wanna fall inside your ghost

And fill up every hole inside my mind

And I want everyone to know

That I am half a soul divided


Sometimes, we will die

And sometimes, we will fly away

Either way, you're by my side

Until my dyin' days

And if I'm not there and I'm far away

I said, "Don't be afraid"

I said, "Don't be afraid

We're goin' home"

[Verse 2]

I wanna strip myself of breath

A breathless piece of death I've made for you

A mortal rotting piece of song

Will help me carry on, but at least you heard


Oh, sometimes, we will die

And sometimes, we will fly away

Either way, you're by my side

Until my dyin' days

And if I'm not there and I'm far away

I said, "Don't be afraid"

I said, "Don't be afraid

We're goin' home"


Oh, oh, oh, oh


So the hearse ran out of gas

The passenger person grabbed a map

And the driver inside it contrived a new route to save the past

And checked his watch and grabbed a cab

A beautifully planned taxi cab

A cab, had a cleared out back

And two men started to unpack

Driving once again, but now this time, there were three men

And then I heard one of them say

"I know the night will turn to gray

I know the stars will start to fade

When all the darkness fades away

We had to steal him from his fate

So he could see another day"

And then I cracked open my box

Someone must have picked the lock

A little light revealed the spot where my fingernails had fought

Then I pushed it open more, pushing up against the door

Then I sat up off the floor

And found the breath I was searchin' for

Then there were three men up front

All I saw were backs of heads

And then I asked, "Am I alive and well

Or am I dreaming dead?"

Then one turned around to say

"We're driving toward the morning, son

Where all your blood is washed away

And all you did will be undone"


I said, "Don't be afraid"

I said, "Don't be afraid"

Oh, oh



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